Host Analytics Cloud EPM Implementation

Good Bye to excel mess, and collaborate seamlessly with your team

We love excel, but not for corporate performance- where collaboration is required.

Agile Alliance proudly partners with Host Analytics, #1 Cloud EPM suite to make better operational and financial decisions by streamlining and automating their consolidations, budgeting, planning and reporting processes. Thus, helping clients to completely exit the excel mess.

Host Analytics, Inc. offers best business agility, security, and a lower total cost of ownership than outdated on-premises software. Users of Host Analytics enjoy low costs, low risk and fast results that gives them an edge and helps Finance gain greater influence in setting business strategy and operational priorities.


  • No software to install, Host Analytics is #1 Cloud EPM suite provider since 2007
  • Plan, Report, and Analysis in One system
  • Has rich features for Financial, CAPEX, Workforce planning
  • Use tools from Close Management, for accurate, efficient and quick close


Product Overview


Gain deeper insight into your business – empower users within and beyond finance to perform speed–of- thought analysis and create advanced business models that align and link with financial plans and forecasts.


Build better plans and save time – performing flexible powerful forecasting, with the familiarity of Excel, in a unified and complete platform.


Manage the complexities of the enterprise-level close with powerful data integration tools, automated consolidation that supports global accounting standards, flexible reporting and personalized dashboards.



Streamline financial reporting with a drag-and-drop report writer and an automated report publisher that streamlines both financial and managerial reporting,  improves transparency and reduces compliance costs.


Unlock valuable insights using a solution that is actually easy to use – without IT support – letting you create and manage company performance through interactive dashboards and scorecards generated at enterprise, department, and individual levels.

Cloud Platform

Built with the security, compliance and integration required to free Finance from the headaches of managing a system, keeping them focused on their job – helping the company meet its goals.

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